Saturday, March 29, 2008

friends. come see us saturday!!!!

Last night was a hit! Please come and join us tonight at our studio in Lawrenceville, 3803 Butler Street.
The music was great and its going to be a bigger show tonight! Whiskey Smile and Coming Through the Rye are both playing. We're very excited to hear the cello, bagpipes and harmonica!
The food blew our minds. Aaron Stout and Ben Croft made amazing appetizers on Crostini: A delicious pea puree with bacon and prosciutto, black AND white bean spreads, the best damn goat cheese in the world with caramelized onions and tomatoes, and wild mushroom risotto.
The girls work is lovely.
The River Rats brought back their windchimes. This time they are even bigger and better. They move! They also have their ever famous stars.
Ashley Andrykovitch has her delightful skeleton prints. Their colors are beautiful and they are so funny.
Crystala Armagost also has some funny pieces! She has prints and shirts and cards and paintings. The girl's bringing back the tape player.
Angela Perino has her paintings, up close and now landscapes as well. I love the colors in her landscapes!
Don't worry. The Birds have all of their earrings and buttons out too. We really worked our tails off! Our spring colors are bright and friendly, just like us.
So come visit, eat some food, dance and sing/hum, and enjoy yourself. We'll be here from 7-11!

we love you,
katie & emily.

ps of course pictures to come!

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy everything.

Well, tomorrow we are having a meeting of the minds with all the girls in the upcoming show! We'll have a low-down for you of what is to come soon, in the way of work. It's pretty exciting. Things are really on a roll.
Also, it seems like spring might actually be on its way, which would be lovely.
Here are a few more images of our newer work.
This week we have actually been making A LOT of animal earrings that I hope we can post soon. Pigs, ponies, alligators... You know, the usual cuddly animals.
Anyway, Happy Almost-Spring, Happy St Patrick's Day, Happy Monday.
We'll see you soon.
katie & emily

Monday, March 10, 2008

We cleaned the studio. It's true.

Whew. We've been cleaning our studio. We found things we thought were long lost, like all of our scissors. We can see the floor again. We wish it was a joke. Oh well. Things are looking better and better! Here are some photos of pretty recent work:

Friday, March 7, 2008

A cute picture for the day.

A feast for the eyes. We love giraffes.