Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sounds pretty hip to us. Be there or be square!
love katie & em

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're working on Etsy!

It's a big day around this joint! We're wokring on setting up our Etsy account. Please, go check it out. Our address is thebirdsofafeather.etsy.com.
WHAT!?! We only have a few things on there?! Oh, we know. We're working on it. With things in flux from show to show we don't want to post items that may sell! No fair, we think.
Here's what is UP!


Did we tell you we are making magnets!!!?

It's December

Thank you everyone for joining us at Renegade in Chicago last weekend! Thank you to Kaye for taking care of our booth! I hope we made some new friends and I so wish I we could have been there!

Right now, with Holiday season in full blast (even though it hardly seems like it to me, with 50degree weather...) things are busy, busy, busy.

I'm working right now to get our Etsy account fully set up to accomodate buyers. I would like to request a few more hours of daylight in the day! Also, we are working on more holiday ornaments which turned out to be a delightfully surprising big seller.

Oh, I just wanted to let you know that our final holiday sale is on December 18th downtown. Please come visit or contact us with any special orders.

12.18.2008 5:00pm - 9:00pm@ Navarra131 Seventh St. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's going on here?

Long time, no see. Fall is our busiest season. Professionally and personally I'd say! School's started again, everything is busier... Parties, events, tours, shows... Although, I feel like every season is pretty busy these days.
Anyway, this weekend on the 11th from noon till five p.m. we will be a part of Lawrenceville Artist's Studio Tour! Click a the link for a copy of the map! (I just can't figure out how to make an Adobe document appear as an image on our blog...) We will be at the Blackbird Studios, which is right on Butler Street, just a few blocks down from our old studio!
The next blog will be the story of what is going on with our studio space and images from our last show there. The last show was the biggest success we've had in the space, which is slightly bittersweet!
Don't forget to join us this weekend. It should be a great time and fall is the most beautiful season around Pittsburgh! So get out and about and visit us and Lawrenceville's other great artists and their spaces!
love,katie & emily

Monday, September 8, 2008

ps, a visual reminder...

Maybe Tuesday Will Be Better (FRIDAY WILL!)

Happy Monday, reader. It seems like this is the kind of day where you get up, go to work, acknowledge you've been awake for 12 hours, and go back to bed. Well, that's what's happening with The Birds.
We thought we'd leave you with some more images that you can look forward to seeing in person on Friday!
Don't forget!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

sigh. i can't wait to see you friday!

Animal, vegetable, mineral

I wanted to post images of our pins and earrings with animals on them... And a few robots slipped in.
For size reference, our pins and earrings range in size from about 3/8 of an inch to a little over an inch...
Enjoy the animal farm below!

vintage things, of the stacked nature

I painted you a picture....

Hello, friends....
We're so excited for this coming weekend. This is the time of year where things are getting really busy. Besides everyone we know having a birthday party, it's also the time of year where there are shows going on all the time. This weekend we will be at our studio, from 7-11 in Lawrenceville. The following images are of paintings and drawings done on wood....
We just want to offer up a sample of what you'll be seeing this weekend!
We hope you'll drop by for some cookies and milk and friends.
We'll be there.

love,the birds....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our last show at our ol' studio


One of our big things that have been in the works have, well, worked out!!! We have some excellent news for you, reader.

Our work will be for purchase at The Picket Fence in Shadyside, on Walnut Street!

Stop in and check it out. It is an adorable little store, and there is another in Oakmont!

That's today's news... For now!

love,the birds

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Upcoming shows...

Hello, there.

Well, here's what's up...

Emily started a new banner for our shows with our name on it, and I am finishing it up.

We have SO MANY things coming up and in the works right now.

The most important (by most important, I mean, at our studio) is a show on September 12th, which is a Friday. It will not only be our work, will be showing the work of Angela Juliussen and Erin Shaw! Angela makes gorgeous pottery and Erin is an awesome printer. And they both are just lovely ladies as well. A flyer will be appearing very, very soon!

Until then...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where have we been?

We've been busy! It's summer... Picnics, friends, fun...

But we've also been creating new pieces. We've been working on new painted pieces, cards, more stacked buttons and, of course, new earrings and pins. We've happened upon lots of vintage buttons, which have kept us busy for some time now.
Something that we are planning in the future is:
We'll be showing our work at the Blackbird Studios, which is at 3583 Butler Street. It is a great space, and very close to our studio. It runs from noon to 5pm on October 11. We SO hope you can join us.
I will be posting more information about an upcoming show we are having at our studio very shortly. Maybe even after I finish this apple!
We can't wait to see you,
katie & emily

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This Father's Day

It's been hot out, but things have cooled down just in time for our next I Made It! show, in Shenley Park, tomorrow between 12-5.
If you would like more information, visit: http://www.imadeitpgh.com/events.html.
Have a nice and cool day and enjoy your Father's Day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Been Forever

Hello, Friends!

Well, it's been quite a while since we have posted on here. I wish we could say it was because we've been on a two month vacation, but quite honestly, blogging is not a think that comes very naturally.

Last weekend, we were at the Union Project selling our wares. It was a good time and a new crowd to hang out with. The music was great and there are not enough nice words to say about the Union Project.

THIS WEEKEND:::::::: Lawrenceville's Sidewalk Sale!!!!! We will be set up in front of our nest, the Birds of a Feather Artists Studio. It looks like a ton will be going on. You can also read more about it at http://www.artcubed.org.
All of our earrings will be $2 off! That's big news. We need to clear some oldies but goodies up, and begin our new collection.

Come visit. We'll be there around 9:00 am (ok, Emily will, Katie will make an appearance later) until... who knows when! At least dinnertime! So come to Coca Cafe, come to Piccolo Forno, and stop by and visit us!

See you then,
katie & emily

Birds of A Feather
3803 Butler Street - 412.576.5428
Handmade Jewlery Created from Buttons

Saturday, March 29, 2008

friends. come see us saturday!!!!

Last night was a hit! Please come and join us tonight at our studio in Lawrenceville, 3803 Butler Street.
The music was great and its going to be a bigger show tonight! Whiskey Smile and Coming Through the Rye are both playing. We're very excited to hear the cello, bagpipes and harmonica!
The food blew our minds. Aaron Stout and Ben Croft made amazing appetizers on Crostini: A delicious pea puree with bacon and prosciutto, black AND white bean spreads, the best damn goat cheese in the world with caramelized onions and tomatoes, and wild mushroom risotto.
The girls work is lovely.
The River Rats brought back their windchimes. This time they are even bigger and better. They move! They also have their ever famous stars.
Ashley Andrykovitch has her delightful skeleton prints. Their colors are beautiful and they are so funny.
Crystala Armagost also has some funny pieces! She has prints and shirts and cards and paintings. The girl's bringing back the tape player.
Angela Perino has her paintings, up close and now landscapes as well. I love the colors in her landscapes!
Don't worry. The Birds have all of their earrings and buttons out too. We really worked our tails off! Our spring colors are bright and friendly, just like us.
So come visit, eat some food, dance and sing/hum, and enjoy yourself. We'll be here from 7-11!

we love you,
katie & emily.

ps of course pictures to come!

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy everything.

Well, tomorrow we are having a meeting of the minds with all the girls in the upcoming show! We'll have a low-down for you of what is to come soon, in the way of work. It's pretty exciting. Things are really on a roll.
Also, it seems like spring might actually be on its way, which would be lovely.
Here are a few more images of our newer work.
This week we have actually been making A LOT of animal earrings that I hope we can post soon. Pigs, ponies, alligators... You know, the usual cuddly animals.
Anyway, Happy Almost-Spring, Happy St Patrick's Day, Happy Monday.
We'll see you soon.
katie & emily