Monday, October 6, 2008

What's going on here?

Long time, no see. Fall is our busiest season. Professionally and personally I'd say! School's started again, everything is busier... Parties, events, tours, shows... Although, I feel like every season is pretty busy these days.
Anyway, this weekend on the 11th from noon till five p.m. we will be a part of Lawrenceville Artist's Studio Tour! Click a the link for a copy of the map! (I just can't figure out how to make an Adobe document appear as an image on our blog...) We will be at the Blackbird Studios, which is right on Butler Street, just a few blocks down from our old studio!
The next blog will be the story of what is going on with our studio space and images from our last show there. The last show was the biggest success we've had in the space, which is slightly bittersweet!
Don't forget to join us this weekend. It should be a great time and fall is the most beautiful season around Pittsburgh! So get out and about and visit us and Lawrenceville's other great artists and their spaces!
love,katie & emily

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