Friday, July 23, 2010

Workin' n'at!

Hi friends!
So, we've been back from the South Side Works Exposed for... four days now?  I've been shooting photos of our work and finally tonight I have some listed on our etsy account!  AMEN!  I'll be working on listing many, many more pieces.  But for tonight, I have listed:

Bumblebee earrings!
Hot air balloon brooch!
Crab earrings!
White flower brooch!
Matryoshka nesting doll earrings!
Octopi earrings!

Tomorrow I promise more.  Girl Scouts honor.  Ok, so I only made it through one year of Girl Scouts and it wasn't pretty... but more are coming!



Emily and Jon said...

Your stuff is looking great girls! I hope the craft fair went really well for you :)

birds of a feather said...

Thanks, Emily!!!